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The Club welcomes new members, particularly electors who live or work within the Ward, we also welcome applications from others who have a strong interest in the Ward and/or the City. Membership is an enjoyable way to gain an understanding and appreciation of the traditions, history and the current workings of the City. castle-baynard-plaque-v2

Membership is £20 per year payable by standing order on 1st July each year, in addition to a one off joining fee of £20 payable with the first annual subscription. If applying between 1st January and 30th June, the first annual subscription is halved to £10 with the joining fee being unchanged. Life Membership is also available to Club members over the age of 60 who have been a member for at least five years for a single subscription of £120.

If you have an interest in joining us, please click here for a copy of the proposal form.

It should be noted that membership proposals are required to be supported by the endorsement of two existing members, one of whom must be a Committee member.

For more details of the application process please email:

Existing members who wish to record changes in their personal details should complete the Change of Details Form in the Forms Section at the bottom of this page and email a copy to the membership address above.

The Club’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant Privacy Statement can be accessed here. This describes what data is held by the club about members, and how it is used and managed.

I am going to send an e-mail to members explaining that information about GDPR is being mailed to them together with the personal data that we are holding in our records. I would like to link them to our Privacy Statement on the website so if our mailing address is incorrect, we have still contacted them with the relevant information.

Members who wish to purchase a Ladies’ brooch or Men’s Club tie should complete the Regalia Order Form in the Forms Section at the bottom of this page and email a copy to the membership address above.



The brooch face measures 22 m.m. by 17 m.m.




If you have any queries about the web site or the Club please email:


Membership Application Form 

Regalia Order Form

Change of Details Form