Club Centenary

The Club took full advantage of the opportunity to celebrate its first 100 years in existence in 2009.   It was also a great privilege to have the Alderman for the Ward, Ian Luder, holding the position of Lord Mayor of the City from November 2008, providing the Club with an opportunity to start its celebrations lord-mayors-show-thumb-2by having an entry in the 2008 Lord Mayor’s Show.

Over the course of the year that followed, we were able to enjoy some exceptional events under the Chairmanship of Tony Rogers, who had previously served as Hon Secretary for some nine years.   The various events were much enjoyed by all the members who participated.

The highlight of the year was a magnificent Centenary Banquet hosted by the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress at Mansion House on 16 July 2009, 100 years to the very day on which the Club was established in 1909.

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The guest of honour was Sir Euan Vansittart Bowater great nephew of the founder, Sir Thomas Vansittart Bowater, who was accompanied by his wife Lady Bowater.   Entertaining speeches were made by the Chairman, Tony Rogers, the Lord Mayor Alderman Ian Luder and the Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral, the Rt Revd Graeme Knowles.   An impressive array of gold and silver plate was on display and the setting of the Egyptian Hall made for a memorable evening.   The Company of Pikemen & Musketeers provided a guard and the Militaire Orchestra and English Chamber Choir provided music and singing to complete the special event.

CBWC Centenary Banquet Programme

We joined a wonderful Evensong Service at St Paul’s Cathedral at which a dedication was afforded the Club by the Dean and other members of the clergy and magnificent singing was heard from the choristers of the Cathedral Choir School.

The 2008 Lord Mayor’s Show

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lord-mayor-carriage-thumb lord-mayors-show-13-thumb lord-mayors-show-3-thumb


The year ended with the planting of a Centenary Tree adjacent to the north western corner of St Paul’s Cathedral in early December led by Tony Trinick who took over as Chairman at the Club’s Annual General Meeting in late November.   The Revd Dr Alan Griffin, Rector of St Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe, gave the blessing.’

Centenary Tree Planting on 8 December 2009

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In its centenary year, the castle Baynard Ward Club produced a booklet which provided a colourful overview of the Ward and its historical background. The booklet was written by Dr. Rupert Goulding and sponsored by KPMG LLP and Unilever PLC. Centenary Booklet